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    Welcome everyone to RageCraft's website! I am pleased to announce that the RageCraft server is coming along, and is set to relaunch with the next few weeks. You can keep updated by registering here on our forums.

    Before I set into what has been happening with RageCraft, I figured that I would tell you all about myself, and who is the face bringing RageCraft to light once more.

    My name is Tyler. I'm a father, a gamer, and a Minecraft server enthusiast. I've been playing Minecraft since the early Alpha stages. I didn't join a Minecraft server for a few months, but when I did I fell in love. The management of servers was what I had done for many years. I sparked interest in creating the servers in 2012. My first few servers where a hit and miss, as with any first Minecraft servers. Fast forward to 2017 and here we are! After all of these years, I am now the owner of RageCraft! I'm excited to be here, and cannot wait to bring you all updates to get the server back to what it used to be, and make it better like it can be!

    Now, a little on RageCraft and what has been happening. This server was up and running a few months ago in 2016 by the creator named MrCleverTrevor. Since then, RageCraft has been put for sale to the public. This server specifically caught my attention due to its wonderful graphics, and its outstanding servers. Thus, I decided to go ahead and put in my bid at the auction.

    After some time, the deal was final and I had received all rights to RageCraft. I am now working on updating all the plugins for our vast servers, and getting a functional and secure website back up and running.

    As mentioned, the RageCraft server is set to be fully released once again in a few weeks. When the time comes, I will announce it here on RageCraft's forums!

    Thank you all, and hope to see you in-game!

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