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    Hello everyone! So most of you will remember the original post for this server that was for sale a little while back. I am the one that had purchased the server. Everything is still the same, except the website has a working domain, etc. Here's the original post but shortened to fix somethings.

    I have purchased RageCraft from the user here on MC-Market. I had some big plans planned for RageCraft to get it working and functional. As most or some of you know, the original server was hacked and most of the dumps where lost. This means that the website was taken down and lost, databases where lost, etc. I am no chump when it comes to owning a server and/or creating them. I've done it for many years, but lately I've lost interest due to me having kids.

    Regardless, RageCraft has some issues that I feel where not clear when I first bought it. I fixed some things up and updated the server in the time that I could. Thus, some work has gone into RageCraft since I've purchased it. Instead of me having the original owner re-post it and sell the server again, I thought I would skip that and get back what I spent on the server + the time that has gone into it.

    Table of Content
    • Introduction
    • Table of Content
    • Assets
      • Domain
      • Websites
      • Xenforo
      • Premium Plugins
      • RageCon
      • Graphics
      • Maps
      • Extra
    • Bidding
    • Contact
    • Conclusion

    RageCraft owns http://www.ragecraft.net/ which was purchased for 257$ in June of 2015.

    At one point according to worthofweb RageCraft was worth.

    The domain for RageCraft has gone down drastically, and I am not going to want massive amounts of money for this domain. The domain is active now, and has gained some traffic.

    RageCraft's website was hacked before I even took over. Because of that, I had to create a brand new website for the server. I didn't put a ton of time and effort into the website, for I wanted to get it functional and working and then go back and fix whatever I could on it. On top of that, I am the only person working on RageCraft, thus why things have halted. You will get the theme for Xenforo, but not the license itself.

    The website is hosted from Namecheap and you'll have access to that account, or I can transfer domain ownership for you. The web-hosting is from InMotion and again, you can request access to that account for web hosting.

    http://play-ragecraft.buycraft.net/ is the official buycraft. Again, this was something that was lost when the original owner was hacked. The current theme isn't anything great, but it does the job and can easily be updated. Below is apparently what it used to look like.

    I have an active Xenforo license, as well as many addons. The license will NOT be included! You may have the files for it, but you will need an active license and purchase whatever addons are on the web server.

    Premium Plugins:
    Most of the plugins for RageCraft are outdated and premium. This is sad, but nothing that I could do about it. Once you purchase the server, it'll be on you to find plugins that work and update them yourself. Whatever plugins are in the files will be sold as-is.

    There are about 1,140$ worth of plugins

    Since 2015 ragecraft has hosted RageCon which takes place at Disneyland. In 2015 4 people showed up to RageCon with the furthest from Louisiana. In 2016 we had 7 people show up (it was the day after minecon). You definitely dont need to contact this but it is something that the community looks forward to.

    UPDATE: I do not do RageCon and have no use for this. However, if you purchase it and want to continue that then I suppose you could.

    RageCraft has incredibly professional graphics;

    Animated Banner [30$]
    Created by Alexslab

    Main Logo [250$]
    Created by Affluecent Design
    There are different variations of this graphic in the bonus album including; the tree alone and the words

    Arcade Logo [30$]
    Created by Iconos

    Zombie Logo [45$]
    Created by Iconos set
    There are different variations of this graphic in the bonus album including; Wavy IP Zombie, IP Zombie, Wazy RageCraft Zombie, Zombie Head, Lever Standalone,
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Tree Logo [30$]
    Created by Iconos
    There are different variations of this graphic in the bonus album including; Different colored trees, different opacity trees, trees with no IP, trees with coming soon.

    Static Banner [5$]
    created by LockedOnProductions
    Server Icons [20$]
    Unknown Authors
    There are bonus graphics in the RageCraft album including extra server icons and early ragecraft logos, and rank images! CLICK HERE!

    There are over 500$ worth of graphics

    TreeSW- This is probably the best map i have ever seen. This map is very very nice, i would say it is more than Hypixel quality. This map is beyond amazing and worth about 75$!

    Hub2.0- This is a custom built hub that is very nice! It has 8 portals that are just for RageCraft. It was built by 3 builders for 90$!

    WindmillSW- This is a pretty nice SkyWars built by the RCBuildTeam. This map is nice because the islands are close together which makes the game more intense and fun for the players. This map was built for 20$!

    EnderSkiesSW- This map is also built by the RageCraft BuildTeam! This map i personally like playing a lot because i think it makes the game super fun! This map will make a great addition to any server! This map was purchased for 25$!

    TowerSW- This map, which was built by the RageCraft BuildTeam, has a unique design which makes it so that players love it! The actual map is a tiny bit more basic but that is fine because the players still cant get enough! This map was purchased for 25$!

    There will be more maps coming soon!

    See "Conclusions"

    To place a bid leave a message on the thread stating you are bidding. I will quote you saying I have received your bid

    Starting Bid: $80.00
    Buy It Now: $450.00
    Bid Increase: $10.00
    Bid Ends: April 1st, 2017

    Willing to trade for a setup Factions or Skyblock server and $50-$75

    Current Bid: $150.00


    Thread: Just leave a reply and tag me.
    PM: PM me here on MC-Market
    Skype: webmaster@ragecraft.net

    Conclusion (F.A.Q)

    Why are you reselling RageCraft?
    I do not have time for it anymore. I thought that I could fix whatever was wrong with it and create the best server out there. However, once you have kids you find that you have very little time for anything.

    Why is the price so high?
    I know what this is worth. Regardless what I purchased it for. I've done work on the server since I had purchased it. Thus, the price has increased but the Buy-It-Now price has decreased.

    Can you help me with the server after the purchase?
    Sure. I do have a full-time job and children, so time might be limited. But if you have questions then I will gladly help with the files, website, for anything else.

    What isn't included?
    I will not include a Xenforo license or a server host. The current host that I have is empty and will not do any good. If you would like to purchase it, then I suppose you can, but you will need to upload all the files. Along with this, all permissions are currently NOT done. This was due to the hack and loss of web hosting from the previous owner.

    \\ -------------------------------- //

    I thank you for reading this, and again there is an original post that shows me buying it. If you want proof of ownership, then you may request that as well. Once the final deal goes down, you will be given whatever details you want (website, etc.) and a link to the files. Please note that the files will be given via DropBox.
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